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As Laura's "other half", her fans often had questions about her that ranged from general knowledge to unique queries.  Up until 2004, however, there was no venue fans had to get their questions answered, unless they had the opportunity to ask her in person after one of her concert appearances.  Laura saw as the perfect vehicle for fans to email their questions for her to answer.

Below are a collection of questions sent in by fans, with Laura's answers.   They were collected from the beginning of the "Ask Laura" program in the spring of 2004, until her death in August 2004.

An audio segment is available of some of the latter questions and answers, available in both RealPlayer and Windows Media formats.  Click on the links below to open your desired player to hear this audio taken from live "Ask Laura" sessions with Laura and Kathy.

"Ask Laura" Audio Segments
  "Ask Laura" Audio Segments
Windows Media Player

The set of questions and answers below, were completed with Kathy during what became their final "Ask Laura" session prior to her death.  This final set was previously unpublished.

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