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Welcome to the Official Laura Branigan Discussion Forum! Since 2002, it has been our distinct pleasure to host Laura’s official meeting place on the Internet, where her fans have been able to gather and discuss Laura-related themes as well as a variety of other topics. The Forum has and continues to be dedicated to our inspiration, the one and only Laura Branigan!

We continue the tradition as Laura would have wanted it. Laura considered not only her official website, but her official discussion forum her “home on the web”, and actually read the Forum daily when she was with us. Since her passing, we have received so many positive comments from many individuals, including those in the record industry, about the high level of current activity on the Forum, which serves to honor her memory and bolster her legacy. Since our move in December 2007 from an outside-hosted board system to one internally-hosted, we continue to invite fans, and new and old friends, to join us in continuing this tradition on the Official Laura Branigan Discussion Forum v3!

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