What is Other Half Entertainment?

Other Half Entertainment, The Laura Branigan Management and Production Company, was formed in 2004 as a partnership between Laura Branigan, Kathy Golik, and Vince Golik.  At the time the company was formed, Kathy Golik was Ms. Branigan’s business manager and official site webmaster, and Vince Golik was also Ms. Branigan’s webmaster.

Ms. Branigan left a written directive that in the event of her death, she directed Kathy and Vince Golik to continue the operation of Other Half Entertainment.  Kathy Golik serves as President, and Vince Golik as Vice-President.

Other Half Entertainment is the entity which oversees Ms. Branigan’s career legacy, and acts as a representative and advocate on behalf of Ms. Branigan and her fan base to the music industry and media.

Other Half Entertainment also maintains and operates Ms. Branigan’s official website, as well as her official discussion forum at LauraBraniganOnline.com, where we are actively involved.

Since Ms. Branigan’s passing, Other Half Entertainment has been working to complete projects that were in progress at the time of Ms. Branigan’s death.  LB’s Boutique, The Official Laura Branigan Online Store, opened on LauraBraniganOnline.com in the summer of 2005.  Other Half Entertainment also continues the legal process begun by Ms. Branigan to retrieve ownership of the laurabranigan.com domain which was cybersquatted without her knowledge in 1998, and to have the current website found thereon permanently removed from the Internet.

At the time of Ms. Branigan’s death, she had several tracks recorded for a new CD that she was working on independently.  Other Half Entertainment is also working on the production of Ms. Branigan’s final CD which will include her final recordings as well as additional tracks.  In addition, Other Half Entertainment intends on working on other productions involving Ms. Branigan’s works, and to partner with WEA International and its subsidiaries on projects involving works created under contract with Atlantic Recording Corporation.

In addition, Other Half Entertainment is the creator and sponsor for the Laura Branigan “Spirit Of Love” Memorial Gatherings, where fans come together for a weekend to remember Ms. Branigan and celebrate her life and artistry.

It is Other Half Entertainment’s intent that through our partnership with Ms. Branigan’s dedicated fan base throughout the world, she and her many contributions to the entertainment industry, as well as the caring person that she was, will never be forgotten.

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