Spirit Of Love 2008 Highlights

The fourth Spirit Of Love Gathering in 2008, held on August 22-24, renewed friendships, and made new ones, all bound around our continued loving tribute to the voice, the power, the passion... and the legacy of Laura Branigan.

This year's theme was a bittersweet one... as earlier in the year, we lost a special fan and friend, Danny Raboin.  Beyond the celebration of Laura's life and special musical gifts to us through the beach memorial ceremony, and the hotel candlelight vigil which gave fans an opportunity to share how Laura impacted their lives, we also celebrated our friendship with Danny, and viewed a special video presentation honoring our friend and "Fanigan". 

We also continued what we started last year, with the "Sunday outing", with casual stops in Westhampton Beach, East Quogue (with a drive by Laura's home), lunch in an Irish restaurant and pub in Hampton Bays, and the winery tour at Duck Walk Vineyards in Southampton.

T-shirt design (shown here front and back), by Kathy & Vince Golik, Erika Atsumi Foreman, and Steve Hidook

     The group photos taken on the beach and at the hotel on August 22 and 23, respectively.

Our program this year reflected our special dedication of this year's Spirit Of Love event to Danny Raboin.   Also included was a special annual message from Tommy Bayiokos, Laura's percussionist and special friend, as well as the schedule of activities that took place during this year's event.
** click the image ABOVE to open the program in PDF format **

During the event, we were honored to welcome Danny's stepmother Doreen Raboin, and Danny's very special friend Loretta McGonagle.  Also on Saturday, we showed "Our Other Half: A Tribute To Danny Raboin", a special video tribute to Danny, produced for Other Half Entertainment by Erika Atsumi Foreman.
(View the tribute video by clicking either of the links below, depending on your chosen player software.)
"Our Other Half"
  "Our Other Half"
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Some additional photos from the 2008 event

Danny Raboin, seen here in a photo from the 2006 Spirit Of Love event

     Some pictures of the Sunday Outing on August 24, showing Westhampton Beach, Hampton Bays (Tom McBrien's Pub), and Duck Walk Vineyards in Southampton.

For more pictures and additional comments about the 2008 Spirit Of Love event, visit the Official Laura Branigan Discussion Forum.

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