Spirit Of Love 2009 Highlights

In 2009, we celebrated two milestones: the fifth annual Spirit Of Love Gathering, held on August 14-16, and the 25th anniversary of both the album and the international mega-hit single Self Control.  As always, this year's gathering helped fans to refresh their friendships, create new ones, and tangibly express their love and dedication to Laura Branigan and her incredible legacy.

This year's theme, "Moving Forward", was reflected various ways.  Through a variety of activities during the weekend, we not only committed to keeping Laura's legacy moving forward in tangible ways during and after the event, we celebrated the album and the single that proved Laura's sustaining power as a music artist, which moved her forward beyond one or two hits, to be a multi-platinum, multi-hit powerhouse.

Our Sunday outing this year saw us returning to Montauk Point Lighthouse, lunch at Hampton Coffee Company in Water Mill, as well as casual stops at Duck Walk Vineyards in Southampton, East Quogue (with a drive by Laura's home), and Westhampton Beach.

T-shirt design (shown here front and back), by Kathy & Vince Golik, Erika Atsumi Foreman, and Steve Hidook
Participants also received a special framed photo from Laura's personal collection.

Special Self Control 25th Anniversary Banner

     The group photos taken on the beach and at the hotel on August 14 and 15, respectively.

Our program this year included a special feature by Richie Fontana, Laura's drummer during the Self Control tour period, a special annual message from Tommy Bayiokos, Laura's percussionist and special friend, as well as the schedule of activities that took place during this year's event.
** click the image ABOVE to open the program in PDF format **

Also on Saturday, we showed "Self Control: Twenty-Five Years 1984-2009", a special video tribute to the 25th anniversary of the album and single release of Self Control, produced for Other Half Entertainment by Erika Atsumi Foreman.
(View the video's web edit by clicking either of the links below, depending on your chosen player software.)
'Self Control' Web Edit video
  'Self Control' Web Edit video
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We celebrated with this special cake, which was enjoyed after the Saturday night candlelight vigil

Some additional photos from the 2009 event

Some pictures of the Sunday Outing on August 16, showing Montauk Lighthouse, East Quogue, Hampton Coffee Company in Water Mill, and Westhampton Beach (Westhampton T-Shirts and Beach Bakery).

For more pictures and additional comments about the 2009 Spirit Of Love event, visit the Official Laura Branigan Discussion Forum.

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